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Skyscrapers is a compelling and unusual drama focused on two self-made CEOs in Powhaten. Vern Webb Sr. runs Midwest Industries. His direct competitor is Eleanora Torquemada Smith, a Mexican immigrant who leads AgriBusiness. Smith is scheming to take over Midwest when a covert attack is launched by persons unknown, seemingly intended to ruin Webb by revealing his well-hidden criminal past. The attack begins when a junkie talking to a priest about Webb is shot, as is a police officer. As strange attacks continue, Webb’s reputation steadily deteriorates while his criminal skills resurface. Meanwhile, Smith has been shot in a hospital parking structure by a car thief. She barely survives. The gun-control lobby and NOW use the highly-publicized incident to make her into a public heroine. Privately, individuals familiar with Smith’s power and ambition exert heavy pressure: in exchange for help in incriminating Webb, they offer to make the merger of Midwest Industries and AgriBusiness a reality. The FBI, headed by Smith’s brother, seeks her help in incriminating the drug merchants. How will these two powerful CEOs manage their challenges? The same way they made it from nobodies to CEOs: with no holds barred.